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How It All Started

After learning that our three children had allergies to chemical based laundry detergents, our goal quickly became to create a product that is not only low in cost but also truly natural. Ensuring that our children were healthy, comfortable and exposed to only the finest natural products was extremely important to us because we experienced first-hand the negative effects that the chemical based detergents had on our family. Chemical based laundry detergents can cause skin irritations, side effects like common cold symptoms and be detrimental to our environment. Not only was our focus on creating a natural laundry detergent for our children and other families but also for the environment.

After doing extensive research, we found a solution that would resolve the issues our children were having. We quickly realized that our family was not alone when dealing with reactions to chemicals in detergent. That’s when the Burgan family created Pure Natural Laundry Detergent. An all-natural laundry detergent that is based on a timeless fruit called, “soap berries.” These berries are wild harvested in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains from Sapindus mukorossi trees. This natural laundry detergent is safe for your family, home and our environment while only the finest, most natural ingredients are used.

The Burgan family has put extra energy, time and money into this product to ensure that, non-GMO, and plant based ingredients are included. If you are interested in learning more about our product, please continue to view our website. Whether you have skin allergies to chemical based detergents or would like to make a positive change for our environment, please consider this product as it would be beneficial for both!


A little about the Burgan family

The Burgan family runs a humble laundromat. While celebrating Earth Day at school, we discussed a quote by Robert Swan – “The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”. This brought up the topic of chemical detergents used by our customers. We questioned if they knew what their detergents are doing to our environment and bodies?

As a family we strongly believe that if it can be conceived, it can be done. We wanted to develop a laundry product that was safe for our customers, their children, and our planet. After doing our homework, we discovered soap berries and fell in love with the little guys.

Thanks for being a part of the change – to make the world a better place,


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