16 oz. Dish Soap


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Pure Natural Dish Soap is an all natural dish soap detergent that is tough on grease and is easy on the hands. This dish soap is designed for dishes within the sink by simply placing the soap directly on the sponge with warm water. The dish soap is powerful and effective when removing food from used dishes and tupperware. It removes oils, grease, and is septic system safe and tested. It can also be used to clean baby bottles and pacifiers.

The Natural Dish Soap is hypo-allergenic, free from all dyes and perfumes, it is safe for your environment, safe for both children and animals and is dermatologist recommended for sensitive skins. We do list all of the ingredients on the back of each product in order to have transparency with our customers.

Lemon Grass scent: This product is scented with Lemongrass USDA Certified Organic Essential Oil.

Free & Clear: This product is not scented but may have a natural fragrance.

Color Variation to be expected as this is a natural product with no dyes.


Free & Clear, Lemon Grass scent


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